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I don't have an FCB1010, although I know some people around here do. I'll try to help answer your questions, but someone who has an FCB1010 will probably do a better job than I. Anyway…

I think what you're describing is expected behavior. When using an external controller, whether it's a CC message or an AuxSwitch, FS1, FS2, and FS3 change what they do based on whether the TF is in Play mode or Bank mode and are always set to the opposite of what the switches on the pedal do.

In your case, I might try setting up your six switches as Repeat, Tap, FS1, FS2, and FS3, and Bank Down, and leave the TF in Play mode (so the FSx switches would act as Bank mode switches).

1. Repeat

2. Tap

3. FS1 – Preset "A" (?:1) Active/Bypass

4. FS2 – Preset "B" (?:2) Active/Bypass

5. FS3 – Bank Up

6. Bank Down

This way, FS1 would be Active/Bypass for ?:1 and FS2 would do the same for ?:2. FS3 would be Bank Up. I think this will give you what you want, but as I mentioned, I don't have an FCB1010, so I can't verify this. Obviously, the exact order of the switches doesn't matter, so whatever arrangement works best for you should be fine (for example, I like my Tap switch to be on the end, but that's just me).

Anybody with an FCB1010 have any ideas or verify if I'm thinking correctly here? In any case, please let us know what your solution is, as this should apply to anyone using CC to control the TF from any controller.