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      Ok so I finally updated to the version 3 update on my Timefactor, very nice. Not sure if this bug existed before then but:

      I use an FCB1010 and I wanted to set up an entire bank just for controlling the timefactor using cc's. So I set up the following buttons:







      Hoping that the FS buttons would let me scroll through presets without ever having to touch the timefactor. The problem is that  although FS1 and FS2 do their job (either Active/Bypass + Repeat, or Bank preset 1 + Bank preset 2) FS3 only ever seems to do tap, no matter if you're in bank or play mode.

      I also tried the bank up and bank down control messages, and although they work, they only work when the TF is also in bank mode.

      So in summary, FS3 is acting as a tap function, when the TF is in play mode. And the bank up and down controls only work when the TF is in bank mode. So I can't scroll through banks and select presets using MIDI, without flipping modes on the TF in between.

      Please tell me if I've missed something. As an alternative to fixing this, maybe patch increment cc's are a solution?

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      I don't have an FCB1010, although I know some people around here do. I'll try to help answer your questions, but someone who has an FCB1010 will probably do a better job than I. Anyway…

      I think what you're describing is expected behavior. When using an external controller, whether it's a CC message or an AuxSwitch, FS1, FS2, and FS3 change what they do based on whether the TF is in Play mode or Bank mode and are always set to the opposite of what the switches on the pedal do.

      In your case, I might try setting up your six switches as Repeat, Tap, FS1, FS2, and FS3, and Bank Down, and leave the TF in Play mode (so the FSx switches would act as Bank mode switches).

      1. Repeat

      2. Tap

      3. FS1 – Preset "A" (?:1) Active/Bypass

      4. FS2 – Preset "B" (?:2) Active/Bypass

      5. FS3 – Bank Up

      6. Bank Down

      This way, FS1 would be Active/Bypass for ?:1 and FS2 would do the same for ?:2. FS3 would be Bank Up. I think this will give you what you want, but as I mentioned, I don't have an FCB1010, so I can't verify this. Obviously, the exact order of the switches doesn't matter, so whatever arrangement works best for you should be fine (for example, I like my Tap switch to be on the end, but that's just me).

      Anybody with an FCB1010 have any ideas or verify if I'm thinking correctly here? In any case, please let us know what your solution is, as this should apply to anyone using CC to control the TF from any controller.

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      I assigned a MIDI CC to FS3 and it worked correctly for me in both Play and Bank Mode. (In Play Mode it controlled Bank Up, and in Bank Mode it controlled Tap Tempo.)

      You may have to check to see what values your controller is sending for the MIDI CC assigned to FS3. Also make sure no duplicate controls are also assigned to FS3.

      I am having a problem with a MIDI CC assigned to Bank Up working in Play Mode. Looking into that…

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      You may have to check to see what values your controller is sending for the MIDI CC assigned to FS3.

      Hardware Test Platform & Setup:

      FCB1010 (no UNO chip)

      Active switch transmitting none of the 5  program changes, or MIDI note.

      Same switch sending any single CC number on MIDI Channel 2.
      [not the two CCs available per-switch, and not using the Controller Toggle function – (FCB1010 manual – Section 2.5)]

      FCB1010 MIDI OUT to MIDI IN of PitchFactor 3.0.0beta[16]

      System settings-> MIDI:

      RCV CH: 2

      RCV CTL: FS3 > matching CC number on FCB1010
      [no other conflicting RCV CTL assignments]


      CLK IN: OFF

      CLK OUT: Tested at both ON & OFF settings

      Test Results:

      Sent CC value 0-63:
      Bank mode: FCB1010 switch does nothing (Tap Tempo unaffected by incoming CC)
      Play mode: FCB1010 switch increments Bank number

      Sent CC value 64-127:
      Bank mode: FCB1010 switch determines Tap Tempo
      Play mode: FCB1010 switch determines Tap Tempo

      Note: Presets tested alternately at TMP ON and TMP OFF settings with functionally identical results

      I have the same results using BK+, BK-, FS1, and FS2 in Bank / Play modes as detailed in the OP.  At one point, I did have difficulty getting FS3 to LEARN via MIDI (RCV CTL + two right button presses), but I can't reproduce those conditions in a "recipe".

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