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Are you referring to preset 233 from the Eclipse? It helps to be as specific as possible.

Sorry, I don't personally have an Eclipse, so I can't say for sure, but hopefully someone with an Eclipse can, but… from what I see in the preset and algorithm manuals, Space will probably come close, but it's not the same thing (not better or worse, just different). You would probably get closer with a Timefactor into a Space, but that's still different.

Looks to me like Angelic Echoes is a combination of stereo chorus delays and multishift+verb8. While multishift+verb8 looks fairly similar to the Shimmer algorithm from Space, there are a couple of differences. Shimmer feeds reverb into a delay, then a shifter. The delay is post-reverb but before the shifters kick in, so I doubt it sounds the same as having a delay first would, as Angelic Echoes does. Looks like multishift+verb8 has the shifters before the reverb, too, which is opposite from Shimmer. I'd guess the shifters in multishift+verb8 are more flexible than what's used in Shimmer, too. But, like I said, I don't have an Eclipse, so I can't be sure… just my impression from the manuals.

I can say that you can get some incredibly angelic sounds from Space… 😉