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Please make sure that you are using the latest software (see Support section of product Web Site page), and that you are looking at the latest version of the manual. These products are updated frequently, so you need to be sure you have the latest and best and read the manual carefully and often. If you follow this advice, all these problems would disappear.


When I start my pedal I have 50 presets.  The manual says there are only 20

Initially there were 20 Banks (40 presets). later versions have 50 banks (100 presets).  These are provided as Factory Presets, but each can be overwritten with User Presets.


 I want quick access to them without having to scroll thru 50!

If you look at p.40 of the UM, it will tell you how to restrict the number of banks – this will help you here.


When I try to save my changes  to the pedal the display panel shows "BAD!!!" and nothing happens.

This means that you do not have the latest version of FactorLib and pedal software – there are some incompatibilities between versions.