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To my ears, at 4:00 in the video, it sounds like a slight detune into a tape delay  with lots of feedback into a large dense hall.

I agree with Har, the Space and the PF could do something very close and they're amazing when used together! With multiple Factors, I think I'd try PF >> TF >> Space. Of course, it wouldn't be the same algorithm as the H8000 or DSP7000, but I'm not sure the outcome would be noticably different.

I agree with badmelonfarmer, too. ModEchoVerb from Space will also get close to what I'm hearing in the video. If I could only use one pedal, the ModEchoVerb algorithm from Space is where I'd start. It's one of my favorites from the Space, lots of good stuff there. That was my original thought, too, but on paper, it seemed to me that Shimmer was closer since ModEchoVerb doesn't use a shifter.

In any case, Nick's right, there are some great reverbs in Space that will get you in the same ballpark as Angelic Echos… You would not be disappointed.