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Thanks for the overview.  I did find one typo in the "50:2" label, and corrected it.  The entire project is object / layer-based, so editing or generating new presets gets easier as the project evolves.  Note: I deleted and uploaded the same filename, and the intermediate "thumbnail" pic still seems to have been generated from the original pic.

I'm considering dumping the .pdf version until later on, and generating a more web-friendly version with additional presets / better grouping.  If anyone plugs in the numbers for these presets, let me know how the process went for you.  I'm planning to add to this project on a regular basis.

I should point out that the red-highlighted knobs are the ones to be assigned to expression pedal movement.  When I ran across an "automatic" EXP PEDAL assignment [PitchFlex], I arbitrarily changed that to a purple highlight (no manual interaction required by the end user).  I'm still not sure what route to take when (for example) four or five EXP PED assigments come into play.