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      I have been experimenting with a graphical approach to preset design for Eventide's stompboxes.  Five pages of JPEGs, plus one compiled .pdf [15+ Meg] found here.

      Why "EvenTen"?  Each page follows a format of XX:1 base preset, a brief description, expression pedal assignments, an XX:2 "tweaked" version based on the original XX:1 preset, and a short description on how that effect will be changed.  Two variations on each page, plus the expression pedal variations.

      I considered adding a cover page with basic directions, but I don't see the need to duplicate what's already in PitchFactor's excellent Owner's Manual.  Hopefully, this turns out to be easy enough to print, glance at briefly, and then program into the pedal.

      See any mistakes?  Too difficult to read?  The overall concept is still in the alpha stage, so I'll welcome the feedback – good or bad.  In the pipeline:  10 more 'basic' presets, 6-8 ways to customize a single preset, adding algorithm 'features' over MIDI, and the Diatonic modes in fine detail.

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      Nice! I haven't seen any mistakes that reached out and grab me, but I haven't gotten the fine-tooth comb out yet. The only thing I can think of is that it took me a few seconds to figure out why some knobs were black in the "tweaks." It ended up being obvious, though.

      Other than that, I didn't think it was difficult to follow at all. Of course, I've got some experience, so I understand your reasoning behind your initial cover page idea for people who are new to this. I agree, though, that there's no need to replicate the owner's manual and I think reading the manual should be enough to make sense of your document. I think that what you've got is well organized, concise, and intuitive.

      Bottom line, this is some really great stuff! Thank you for taking the time to put this together!! At the very least, it will give some people some new sounds, but more importantly, I think it really helps show just how flexible the PF (or any Factor) is and how that flexibility can be applied to performance. In either case, I think this will inspire a lot people in a lot of ways.

      I'm sure I'll be spending some more time with it over the next few days, and I'll let you know if I spot any typos or have any other thoughts or suggestions. Man, that's freakin' awesome!!

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      Thanks for the overview.  I did find one typo in the "50:2" label, and corrected it.  The entire project is object / layer-based, so editing or generating new presets gets easier as the project evolves.  Note: I deleted and uploaded the same filename, and the intermediate "thumbnail" pic still seems to have been generated from the original pic.

      I'm considering dumping the .pdf version until later on, and generating a more web-friendly version with additional presets / better grouping.  If anyone plugs in the numbers for these presets, let me know how the process went for you.  I'm planning to add to this project on a regular basis.

      I should point out that the red-highlighted knobs are the ones to be assigned to expression pedal movement.  When I ran across an "automatic" EXP PEDAL assignment [PitchFlex], I arbitrarily changed that to a purple highlight (no manual interaction required by the end user).  I'm still not sure what route to take when (for example) four or five EXP PED assigments come into play.

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