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Beautiful dream! If I may continue, it should also have 10 IA switches with LED indicators(8 to replace my amp's footswitch, and 2 for TF repeat and tap tempo)(these could also be programmed by the user to be any number of PC switches), 5 PC switches with LED indicators (for changing programs/sounds within a song)(these could be programmed by the user to be IA switches), bank up and a bank down buttons (for changing banks of presets to the next song), a large 24 character backlit 3-line display (showing bank number, song name, preset name/number, active IA switch name/number, expression pedal assignment, and active link status to other pedals), 2 quarter inch stereo inputs for expression pedals (programmable by preset), port to link multiple such devices together, phantom powerable through a 7-pin cable…oh yes, and a button to order another drink from the waitress.