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Some cool ideas here…. lets keep them comingBig Smile

For me, the Factors are fantastic devices, but … I would like a more flexible aproach to routing and placement of effects. I use an Axe-FX Ultra, but still love and prefer the Eventide "Flavour" or "Colour" that is in the Eventide effects for things like BandDelays, Reverbs and the whacky stuff that Eventide do sooooo well.

The sort of things I would love to see would be a device where you could freely route a number of effects together and save them in different orders … kind of like the M series from Line6… BUT with the much better algorithms that only Eventide can provide.

This puts us into the realms of …. an Eclipse in stomp box form….which WOULD be very cool.

The biggest problem for me, would be that the interface would have to be much more simple than the Eclipse, don't get me wrong…. I love my Eclipse, but it is not the easiest thing to program….it is more of a find a preset and use that kind of a device and I do not have a problem with this.

Seems a cool way for Eventide to continue making money from the Eclipse R&D by porting it to a Foot multiFX  form size.

Speaking of the  Eclipse it will also be interesting to see what happens
to the Eclipse going forward. It sounds incredible, it really is
amazing ….it is over 10 years old and it STILL blows a lot of the
other units out of the water…. I wonder if an Eclipse II is on the