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No,No,…you don't bothering us badmelonfarmer!

That's the topic: "Ideas for a new Eventide's product"

Well done and expressed what you would like from the Eventide!

That's why we have the forum for…!

What I wanted to say was that I would like some more things before Eventide made a floorbased Eclipse!

I am not that rich,that i can buy every Eventide product!

That's why i asked for an Eventide stompboxe's midi controller with routing capability!

I am a type of guy that i want to take the most of my stuff before moving to another one!

And i want to close this post,saying that the good people at Eventide knows better what they can do and make than all of us!

Thank you again Eventide for the tone that i have with your products!

I do not know what to say to thank you!