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You want Eventide product ideas? Well here's one:

if there should ever be a "Factor Mk II" series of pedals, I think it would be awesome to add digital I/O along with the analog I/O. This way, the factor pedals could become like one pedal with an all digital signal path and only one A/D or D/A conversion process. (Granted, I doubt even my dog could hear the difference with the quality converters inside the Factors, but hey, I'm picky.) As an added bonus, I THINK data could be sent through the digital cables on a separate channel from the audio, eliminating the need for MIDI cables. Also a 1/4" cable could be strung from the analog out of the first pedal to the in of the last to maintain a pure analog relay bypass option.

Sadly, this hardware upgrade would only benefit NEW factor pedal owners, but it would rock nonetheless.