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For the Midi controller routing thing i've found the Musicom Lab EFX MK III. for the Routing option Moen Effects makes a couple of them. But i come to accept that no company is going to provide routing/looping/preset-recall that fits my needs and the masses.

The guy to call for this is Bob Bradshaw, from custom Audio Electronics, but he won't return my messages!! Angry

NEW PRODUCT IDEA -What i would like to see is something like the "Freqfactor" a digital recreation for the MF-107. I've been slowing shying from analog devices due to their plethora of limitations i don't wanna get into…Confused It's inevitable that one of these modelling companies is going to jump on it! Line 6, Roland, Behringer, the losers at digitech; I rather have it done right the first time by the good people of Eventide Embarrassed