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I have an idea that I PROMISE Eventide will never do. Here it is…

All the Factors are essentially the same, with the exception of the Space which has a different display and other minor differences. I would not doubt (though I cannot confirm for fear of voiding warranties) that the guts inside them are exactly the same. Maybe some extra RAM in one or the other. (I suspect) the Factors are essentially identical computers with different operating systems and that's it. So I imagine a Utopian, pie in the sky scenario where Eventide makes just ONE pedal that can be flashed to make it whatever system you want it to be. Then they sell a licence, say $99, for each system software package.

This wont happen because…

A. Certain companies like Apple, etc., have proven that hardware sales are more profitable than software sales, which is why they give away so much of the consumer software, but charge so much for machines.

B. Piracy.