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The upside of this idea is that  while sequenced modulation could be a slicer, it could also be used for much much more than that.

Already having an AdrenaLinn III in the chain has kept me from picking up a Modfactor.  Now, if it was only built like a ModFactor.  The sequencer can control most of its effects, with special emphasis on slicing patterns, filters, and the 'arpeggiator" (resonant flange 'pitches').  There is one user-programmable slot, and 3 x 20 patterns; geared for each major effect.  A simple A-D envelope is available to each (of the 32) steps.

A ModFactor update might have to limit itself to a number of static patterns (much like the "grooves" in PitchFactor's Harpeggiator).  I used to find slicer-type sequencing to be limiting.  My first reaction was to surrender to the sequence, and adapt my technique to keep up with it.  But there's a lot more creative leeway in it than that.  With proper technique (adjusted to the sequence), it becomes more of a subtle overlay that binds everything together.