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Thanks but … that sounds to me like a lot of work.

Just now one minute ago I was rehearsing at home and it happened again and at lest now I know what is the cause for it: with the intention to change the bank I hit the swith n 3 (the opne on the right) and accidentally I press also the rotary swith on the top right Fdbk B. That's what's triggering the problem!   So, there was supposed maybe to be a function   in pressing the Fdbk B   in play mode? Maybe I am not aware of it, and if there is one maybe is not really  safe one, in the sense that is easy to accidentally press any of the top rotary buttons causing a disaster on stage. Maybe I'm just a cave man but it happened to me already many times…

Any suggestions? (besides wearing cindarella shoes n 45 🙂