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Last time posting here,that's why i want a better explanation and a better support,Thanks!

I have a new scenario in mind but i am not sure if this setup will work,so,please tell me if i am wrong,or give me a solution!

From my midi controller's(MusicomLab EFX3) MIDI OUT plus PitchFactor's MIDI OUT to

Midi Merger box, and from Midi Merger box to Midi Thru box, and from the Midi Thru Box to the 4 Eventide stompboxe's Midi In.

With a setup like this(if i am correct…?)i can change presets to the Eventides from the MusicomLab Efx3 via Midi PC,

i can TapTempo to the PitchFactor and from it via Midi Clock to the other Eventide stompboxes(to sync them all)


i can use one expression pedal plugged to the PitchFactor and from it,via Midi CC,i can controll with only one expression pedal all 4 Eventide Stompboxes.


And the functions that be left are:

Enable/Disable Tuner

So,all that we want is 2 of 3-buttons AuxSwiches plus custom cables.

the one 3-buttons AuxSwich will be plugged to PitchFactor,the one button will be for TapTempo[for the reasons that i had wrote before(Midi Clock)],

the other button will be for Enable/Disable Tuner

and other button will be for Flex,Learn

As for the other 3-buttons AuxSwich,we want special 3-way Y cable to connect it to TimeFactor,ModFactor,Space

and we can have one button for Repeat,

one button for Brake,Slow/Fast,

one button for HotSwich

i am sure that i am not the only guy with this problem,so,please find a solution or give us a better explanation! PleaseSmile