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Couldn't you just use two loops for each stereo pedal? That would take up 4 loops just for your TF and MF, but with 8 loops total, that would also give you 4 mono loops. You'd have to put the mono pedals first, and probably have to split the signal after the mono loops in order to feed both inputs of the stero/dual-mono loops, but it should work. I'm not sure about the Carl Martin, but the VL CGX is programmable, so turning 2 loops on or off at once shouldn't be a problem.

Just a thought… I'm not using a pedal switcher in my rig at the moment. The buffers in the Eventide boxes don't seem to degrade my signal enough to warrant one (and I can use Spill, too), but I understand why some people want or need to. Hopefully, someone who has a similar rig will offer their experience…