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Strange no one's responded to this one before now. I don't have a PowerFactor, but after looking over the product page (standard disclaimer: I don't have any experience with the PowerFactor or the Cioks DC10, so everything I'm saying is at best a guess, ok?)…

I do think that you should be able to power your TF and 6 "normal" pedals. One of those could be the DM2, just be sure to use one of the 12vdc outs. IIRC, the ACA adapter wasn't regulated and in reality put out 12vdc. That's why the DM2 doesn't sound very good running on a 9vdc supply (batteries are OK, though, since the internal regulation only applies to the power input, not the battery input).

I believe that the PowerFactor is made by Cioks and is based on the DC10. I have no idea if the internals are the same or the specs are the same, so I really don't know it matters if you buy one or the other.

Hopefully, someone with a PowerFactor, or someone from Eventide, will post here, too, with actual answers instead of my guesses.