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      Wasn't getting much response in this thread   http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/t/6882.aspx?PageIndex=1   so thought I would start a new one…  

      I have one Eventide pedal (TF) Is it correct that I could power this plus 6 ordinary 9v pedals from the Powerfactor?

      I don't suppose it can handle an old Boss DM2 (these used the ACA adapter) from one of the 12v outlets?

      Is the Powerfactor just a rebranded Cioks DC10 or is it a different unit alltogether? That is to say… does it make a difference which one I purchase or doesn't it matter?

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      Strange no one's responded to this one before now. I don't have a PowerFactor, but after looking over the product page (standard disclaimer: I don't have any experience with the PowerFactor or the Cioks DC10, so everything I'm saying is at best a guess, ok?)…

      I do think that you should be able to power your TF and 6 "normal" pedals. One of those could be the DM2, just be sure to use one of the 12vdc outs. IIRC, the ACA adapter wasn't regulated and in reality put out 12vdc. That's why the DM2 doesn't sound very good running on a 9vdc supply (batteries are OK, though, since the internal regulation only applies to the power input, not the battery input).

      I believe that the PowerFactor is made by Cioks and is based on the DC10. I have no idea if the internals are the same or the specs are the same, so I really don't know it matters if you buy one or the other.

      Hopefully, someone with a PowerFactor, or someone from Eventide, will post here, too, with actual answers instead of my guesses.

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      Thanks so much for your reply Timothy… That is pretty much what I was thinking.

      I would really like a response from Eventide on this one as I remember how picky things were regarding the use of other power supplies instead of the wall wart for factor pedals.

      I would like to purchase the most appropriate product for my purposes and would like the differences (if any) between the DC10 and powerfactor spelt out clearly for me.

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      Thanks Timothy. That is kind of how I was thinking too.

      I would really like an official answer from Eventide as it would make it a lot easier to decide which product would best suit my needs… especially when considering Eventide's line about using the wall wart until 'approved' power supplies were tested or made available for the consumer.  

      Is the DC10 and Powerfactor the same product with the same specifications but a different label? If they do differ, what are the differences? Will it power my TF plus 6 'normal' 9v pedals or 5 pedals and a Boss DM2?

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      Double post…. 'quick reply' went weird, explorer froze & nailed me… hohum  Confused

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      PowerFactor is co-developed by Eventide and Cioks, specially modified version of the DC-10.  we have tested the product and it is capable of powering up to 3 Eventide stompboxes (Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, ModFactor, or TimeFactor – in any combination) plus up to 4 9VDC pedals.  I'm not familiar with the Boss ACA adaptor but here is a full description of the various adaptors included: 


      PowerFactor is currently in stock:


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      Thanks Ray!

      So do I understand correctly that the Powerfactor and DC10 are not quite the same but both will still power up to three factor pedals without problem?

      You say it will power 'up to' 4 9v pedals. I had a look at the link/specs and wonder if 9v pedals can still be run from the higher mA outlets ok (thereby powering up to 7 9v pedals if one wishes…)?

      I always understood that the voltage and AC or DC selection must always match the supplied device whereas the mA is like a reservoir of available current flow.. that is to say a device requiring 200mA will not function properly from a 100mA supply but will work fine if supplied 300mA. Someone with an electrical background want to help me here?

      The Boss ACA is 12v so I assume it will be ok from a 400mA outlet?

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      You are welcome.  Your reasoning is sound.  I believe you should be able to power your 12V from one of the Eventide stompbox outlets. 

      I hope this helps.

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      I just got a PowerFactor for my Eventide pedals. The stock PSUs and the back of the stompboxes both specify 9v and 1200ma, but the writing on the PowerFactor indicates that you should use the 12v outputs instead, not the 9v ones. Why is this?

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      I am confused by this (Virtuoso's post) as well and afraid to try either way before I can find an answer.

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      Yes sorry that this is confusing. For a regulated 12VDC like the PowerFactor, the current requirement is 380mA at power up and 300mA in normal operation.

      The PowerFactor uses regulated 12VDC at a lower current than the wall wart, to power Eventide Stompboxes. You should use the 12VDC Eventide power outlets on the PowerFactor for powering Eventide Stompboxes.

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      I am currently running two factor pedals and 7, 9v pedals off a Gig Rig Generator and two EvenFlo adaptors. I have no doubt it will run 3 factors and many more 9v pedals. Output total is 5A.

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