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I have decided to use the catch up feature to record the presets for the PitchFactor.  I have come across a few interesting things when comparing this to the preset parameters listed on the web site.  On Preset 1.1 the expression heel setting for the Ynob is FB-B: 72 while the toe setting is FB-B:100( from using the expression pedal).  When I check the preset listing and the catch up, they both say that the parameter for the preset isFB-B0: 0. 

The second interesting thing I noticed is in Preset 1.2.  Both the heel and toe position are for the Ynob are both D:-1oct.  These are the presets from the newest version.  

I am putting all the presets with the expression pedel settings in a spread sheet.  Once I finish I'll post on the forum, if that is OK.

I did notice a mistake on the preset listing.  For Preset 11.1, Octave Long Delays, the algorithm is listed as Harpeggiator.  This should read Diatonic.