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I have been thinking more about this "MultiFactor" thing and a few more thoughts occurred to me.

The FactorPedals (with the exception of Space) are usually a single type of effect eg digital delay, phaser, chorus etc and this is great for when you want a particular effect…especially coming from a pedal based background or setup…this si what you are used to.

The Eclipse and the H series come from a very different approach in they are more "Preset" based, although they do contain the basic delays, phasers etc the real magic comes when they are mixed together by the magicians at eventide.

It would be cool for the MultiFactor to allow both of these approaches as there are  a lot of people who will want to set up a simple chain like:-


But then there are those of us who will want the more complex signal routing that the bigger rack units deliver.

To achieve both of these approaches would be quite a challenge, especially for the interface…keeping it simple enough….yet also allowing deep dive configuration.

Other have achieved this to a greater or lesser degree, so I am sure that Eventide could do it, if it was in their business plans to do so.

Another thing that would be great to see is some great Amp modelling in this unit, there are others who do this, I know, but they all seem limited in different ways.