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Thanks Ray!

So do I understand correctly that the Powerfactor and DC10 are not quite the same but both will still power up to three factor pedals without problem?

You say it will power 'up to' 4 9v pedals. I had a look at the link/specs and wonder if 9v pedals can still be run from the higher mA outlets ok (thereby powering up to 7 9v pedals if one wishes…)?

I always understood that the voltage and AC or DC selection must always match the supplied device whereas the mA is like a reservoir of available current flow.. that is to say a device requiring 200mA will not function properly from a 100mA supply but will work fine if supplied 300mA. Someone with an electrical background want to help me here?

The Boss ACA is 12v so I assume it will be ok from a 400mA outlet?