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Thanks.  I'm hoping the cast comes off Thursday.  I'll have to wear a brace, but at least maybe I'll have a little range of motion. 

Patch 1:2 was a little too "out of tune" sounding for me, but I played with the preset 1:1 for as long as my arm would allow the other day (about 15 minutes) and I pretty much found what I was looking for by changing to a Triangle waveform.  I have an old Roland SDX-330 Dimensional Expander that I love the sound of and is the kind of chorus I use and want most often, however; it's old and noisy.  I used similar parameters and a/b'd the two and the Modfactor was able to reproduce the kind of sound I was looking for very easily and with a lot less noise.

I'm sure the Tri-Stereo Chorus is just a pipe dream, but the only other Midi, Multi-effect units that offer it are the Line 6 ModPro and the TC Electronic G-Major 2.  I haven't tried the TC, but the Line 6 I found thin, tinny and lifeless.  I've heard the H8000 algorithm sounded close the original, but unfortunately, no offense to Eventide, but the H8000 is the same price as what I pay for a full 12 months worth of rent…lol.  Anyway, would love to see some form of the Dyno-My-Piano Tri-Stereo Chorus on the Modfactor.