Any Chance For a Modfactor Tri-Stereo Chorus Algorithm?

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      So I just got the Modfactor and I've been reading a lot of posts on this forum and I saw one where someone from Eventide had commented that the Eventide Chorus sounds were based on Eventide's own chorus as well as Dyno-My-Piano and TC style chorus sounds.

      "Our idea of chorus is more based on historic Eventide chorusing, TC and DynoMyPiano units." – being the actual quote.

      Since Dyno-My-Piano was mentioned is there any chance maybe the Tri-Stereo Chorus from the H7000/8000 series might someway make its way to the Modfactor in some sort of way/shape/form?

      As a side note, I've only had about 10 minutes to actually play with the Modfactor as I broke my arm 2 weeks ago and I'm still in cast and can barely play with my fingers for a few minutes at a time, but I really like the 1st Preset Liquid Chorus patch.  It's just about perfect for what I like.  I noticed the Depth is already maxed out on that preset though.  Is there anyway to make it a little "thicker" sounding?  I don't want the rate any faster and I don't want it to go vibrato-ish where it sounds out of tune, just a little "thicker/meatier".  I'm going to read some more (since that's all I can do right now and I'm still trying to understand all the knobs without being able to hear them) but does anyone have any thoughts about that while I'm waiting for my arm to heal?.

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      Better heal that arm! Glad you like the first preset. Have you tried Preset 1:2? That's a thicker chorus but along the lines of the first preset.

      As for adding a Tri-Stereo chorus, I've added it to the list of feature requests.


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      Thanks.  I'm hoping the cast comes off Thursday.  I'll have to wear a brace, but at least maybe I'll have a little range of motion. 

      Patch 1:2 was a little too "out of tune" sounding for me, but I played with the preset 1:1 for as long as my arm would allow the other day (about 15 minutes) and I pretty much found what I was looking for by changing to a Triangle waveform.  I have an old Roland SDX-330 Dimensional Expander that I love the sound of and is the kind of chorus I use and want most often, however; it's old and noisy.  I used similar parameters and a/b'd the two and the Modfactor was able to reproduce the kind of sound I was looking for very easily and with a lot less noise.

      I'm sure the Tri-Stereo Chorus is just a pipe dream, but the only other Midi, Multi-effect units that offer it are the Line 6 ModPro and the TC Electronic G-Major 2.  I haven't tried the TC, but the Line 6 I found thin, tinny and lifeless.  I've heard the H8000 algorithm sounded close the original, but unfortunately, no offense to Eventide, but the H8000 is the same price as what I pay for a full 12 months worth of rent…lol.  Anyway, would love to see some form of the Dyno-My-Piano Tri-Stereo Chorus on the Modfactor.

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