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Well thehorse, you beat me to the first post but just wanted to add 2 things. First a quick thank you to Ray Maxwell for finally putting us out of our misery and ending the constant speculation. Very disappointing news indeed, but at least we now know and can move on.

Secondly it is indeed interesting to note that as you have only joined this forum a week ago and in this your first post you tell us to stop bugging this great group of folks. Now that we know what the situation is then yes perhaps we will stop asking, but how dare you come on here and start rubbing salt into our wounds. Very strange that you would jump straight into the defense of the company from no where, and I suspect that you are either a member of Eventide or perhaps have a freind working there, such is your initial post. Really gets my back up that.

Now, while I do agree that Eventide make excellent products, the H8000FW in particular is absolutely stunning and every time I use mine I remember why I bought it. But this news is a big  disappointment to me and I feel that I have been led up the garden path by if not false then certainly premature advertising and announcements re the E-Control. Probably my own foolish optimism, but never again will I be fooled by broken promises of future products before they see the light of day as I had the same thing happen with another well known keyboard manufacturer a year or 2 ago.

Having said all this, I do undestand that things go wrong especially in such a competitive industry and thank god the H8000FW can still stand on its own two feet. So I guess our hopes now rest with Doug, howdy there matey 🙂

Or for a mere extra £1000 there is still the Eve/Net. 🙂 Anyway rant over and thanks for finally givng us closure even if it wasnt exactly the news we were hoping for.

All the best chaps….but dont feed us false hope like that again…please 🙂