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I'm personally very annoyed. It has been promised for years. I bought the h8000 for £5000.To control it via midi I have to copy the program and have no plug in to co-ordinate.

Allegedly e-control is halted because of slow transmission over midi. I paid all this money for a machine with firewire. Are you really telling that firewire cannot handle the extra bandwidth?

If access can manage it for the virus I really do not understand why eventide cannot for a £5000 firewire box. Its nothing to do with impossible it feels like its about resource allocation. All of the recent effort has gone in consumer pedals, nothing at all on the high end boxes.

It makes me feel that I should sell the h8000 and give the money to SoundToys and lexicon PCM.

Can anyone provide a cogent argument (either than you'd like to do it first) as to why I am wrong?

Kind regards