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 I really appreciate the help! You just made my day!!! Seriously, you have no idea. Yet another reason I am thrilled with my Eventide "Space" Purchase. You guys are awesome. I will absolutely be buying the rest of the  line of stomp boxes when i can afford them. They are amazing devices. Almost unfair to just label them stomp boxes because they are so much more. The sooner the better with this one because i have practice for this tribute Sunday and the actually tribute on the 20th. However I am not an ingrate so I will be happy with whenever you have time. 

 It is absolutely from the Loveless album. "To here knows when" and "Blown a wish" are very good representations of the reverse gate reverb I am looking for. 
I know he used a yamaha spx90.

From an ex roadie:


It is Reverse Gate that was used, set to reverse, output and balance at 100%, liveness set around 3-5 (depending on venue), room size 20.0 (of course), can't remember what LPF or pre delay was set at (it was 15 years ago).
You may have misunderstood was I was saying RE: MidverbII, I have no idea how long the bloom length is in seconds (I am not complete nerd), I know that preset used was number 46. Input at unity, mix 100% wet, output at unity or thereabouts.
JCM800 – 2 amps, mono path, single output from PN-2, used on 'Only Shallow'.

Again THANK YOU SO MUCH. I know if anyone can figure it it its you guys!

Peter (Flood123)