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You have every right to be annoyed.

E-Control is halted because of slow transmission. Firewire has more than ample bandwidth but that is not where the bottleneck lies. The H8000's original design did not have a Firewire interface. The architecture dictated that in adding a Firewire interface, it be connected to the DSP. The DSP is flat out and must run audio without any hiccups. The CPU handles MIDI and that's the connection that we've been struggling to optimize.

As to your thoughts about resource allocation, I can only say that you're mistaken. Our two most senior software developers spent many months on E-control over several years. We hired an experienced outside consultant. We finally got to alpha and had to face the fact that we were fighting a losing battle. We have spent a lot of time and money on E-control and would not give up on it if we believed that we could eventually deliver a product that was useful.

Of course, I appreciate that none of this matters to you. We mislead you. We believed we could make it happen – we couldn't. We can't. We're sorry.