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Hey, I recognize you from TGP! Ambient/texturalists unite!

Anyway, I have already gone through all of the basic instructions. I can receive midi clock, but when I send it 120, the display reads 121 or 119. I've tried the clock filter as well, but it does't help.

This is a real shame, since I have my timeline, moog murf, drum machine, looper, and synth all synced together. I was really hoping to have midi synced reverse reverb and other stuff.

I tried tons of different configurations, but the midi sync in on the space is just not accurate. I'd say it catches the 120 1/5th of the time, but it's never actually on the beat. It just reads 120, but doesn't match the downbeat. 

Is there any way to link the tempo to a cc or use an envelope to control the tempo? Maybe even send a momentary pulse to control the tempo?

Are you getting proper midi sync?