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1. Does the H8000FW have the same converters (technically,details etc) as the
H7600 & Orville? Are the H8000FW convererts different than the other 2

Depends on the age, but the converters on the 7600 usually have slightly lower performance than Orville or H8000.


2. Does the H8000FW have the same presets/algorhimes (also the amount) as the
H7600 & Orville?

No – it has many more.


3. Does the H8000FW Have the same amount of TRS/XLR digital/analog I/O's as
the 7600 & Orville? How many channels can I run simoultianically?

It has the same number of analog I/Os as Orville, but more than 7600.

It has many more digital I/Os than either Orville or 7600. Please see the appropriate product pages or user manuals for more info.

Depending on the presets and I/O, H8000FW can run 16 channels, Orville can run up to 8, and 7600 up to 2.