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Hi Nick,

1.) The H8000Fw is direct connected with a RME Fireface via wordclock. Terminator is on the H8000 WC out. The Fireface is running and I switch the H8000 on.

2.) The H8000 booted up on 5.6.b1. After booting up i see the preset in the display and the 44.1 kHz light is on, the "ext" light is flashing. I press the "setup" button and see the clock menu screen. In the clock menu is the "source" set to wordclock, the samplerate is 44102 , ADAT status is "slipping" and Firewire1 is unlocked.

3.) I expect that the wordclock is synced (no flashing "Ext" light) after booting up, like before. As i wrote before, if i pull now the WC cable out and back in, the ADAT is not slipping and the "Ext" light is on (not flashing)

I tried to boot without ADAT I/O connection but is the same.

So, waht can i do?