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Spent a little more time investigating this –

There are actually 2 sounds.

1 is digitalised which I have learnt is the sound of the pedal in the up octave settings of pitch flex. I was used to the Digitech whammy sound in these areas, which crushes and rounds off your tone massively. The Pitchfactor is much more lively and true to the top end spark in my sound. Not a problem, just a case of getting used to the tonal shift.

The distorted version of this sound seems to be down to the interaction between the Boss OC-2 and the Pitchfactor. When the pitchflex goes past the +1 oct position it seems to pick up some of the OC-2's gain in an ugly way and adds this low volume 'fart' into the signal.

I thought it may be my pedal so I borrowed 2 others from friends and they all have the same result. I tried it with an MXR octave pedal on a similar setting and it's noise free…

Just one of those things where 2 pedals don't like each other! I'll find a work around….