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Ok so ive worked out what the problem is,

Its happens to me when i create a new Aux Input track and insert the Eventide Reverb, Bang!!
-theres the screaming feedback 

If i look at the meters on the Eventide Reverb plugin both are full whack, if i pull the input fader down the feedback goes away.

Its because there is no input chosen for that Aux yet, if i select an input bus for the Aux, the noise goes away and i can use the reverb as normal.

So i guess its a bug with the plugin not having an input selected yet feeding back on itself.

 Something you Eventide guys might want to fix in an update :0) 
incidentally Eventide if you are reading this and need some beta test help with new versions please get in touch , i already have lots of beta test experience with several of the most well known pro audio manufacturers 😉