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Nick, I read the post you linked me too. The part about making all the connections doesn't apply to me since, I'm simply going XLR out of the X-Desk cue bus into the Eventide, and then XLR out of the eventide into the FX stereo return. The whole signal path of the X-desk is balanced.

The part about thr 25db of gain headroom might be important though. Can you help me understand it a bit better. Here's my specific setup.

I have two channels going out of a Lynx Aurora into an X-desk channels 1 and 2. I'm then sending those channels to a bus called the cue bus which is going straight into my H7600. On the X-desk I can isolate the cue bus output on the LED volume meter readout. It peaks on average at 12db. 

Now the H7600 meter LED inputs sit at the first LED at -40, and once during the drum loop I have going they peak at the second LED. 

If I turn the cue bus out gain up on the X-desk to hit nearly 0 on the X-desk  meter, then I get a average peak of -12 on the Eventide H7600. 

There doesn't seem to be a way I can get above -12db on the Eventide without really driving into the red on the X-desk which of course overdrives the signal.

It's hard to believe the H7600 isn't meant to display more than a -12db on the inputs meter.

Can you help?

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