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Let me try to ask the question a different way. I want to have delay and reverb together in parallel not in series. Using the left right inputs and outputs and sum the processed signals together. Any ideas?

I'm surprised no one else sees the need for this routing as most brands have this covered. My old Intellifex allowed you to bleed the reverb into the delay (or not). The G-System has a series parallel routing to separate the reverb from delay. Even boss effects allow you to configure wet/dry outputs.

So how about a software update request: A setting that allows you to set the left output dry and the right output wet and a setting for a wet through.

With that option you would be able to pass a wet and dry signal from the Timefactor to Space. Then space could process the dry signal with reverb and sum the its processed signal with the wet feed from the Timefactor or output a wet and dry signal if both outputs are connected.