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Dear Bosses of big gear companies,


First thing first, thank you for your comments, giving me/us hints on which power to use. For the record, I own a product from each one of you 🙂


Each new pedal added in my rig was/is/(will forever be?) a source of tears for the adapter: why is the next pedal always not in the specs of the multi-adapter I currently have? So here I stand with my Eventide PitchFactor, and at the question" which adapter will do it", you guys answer "all of them"; which seems good news.


But which one of you guarantees this?


You must have been conservative in your statements for a reason, and I can understand that: you never know what will be connected to your gear. Some cheap bad adapter, some pedal done by your geeky neighbor, and you cannot guarantee everything that the world has to offer, especially the worse. But can you extend your guarantee to "its' safe to connect this with that", like you say in this forum? If something fries, will you take it up, considering it was high end material and that you did the tests yourselves?


Frankly, I cannot imagine myself coming to my local store and showing an url to request an under guarantee service. And I guess that everybody from the salesman to the distributor will have a good laugh if I tell "well the boss of the company told me so".


Kind regards, and many thanks for your great products!