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Thanks for pointing these things out.  I have the following to say in response:

1. With regard to your old (and old factory) presets not loading correctly in V3:  With all the new features we added, we had to potentially disrupt preset compatibilty b/t pre-V3 and V3.  It's possible that your old presets might work, but we couldn't be sure, so we included the following statement on the software update page:

Software updates contain changes which may make some user presets sound different. After updating it may be necessary to adjust certain knob settings to compensate for these changes. 

So you might have to manually restore some of your own sounds by using the knobs.  Of course, we've done all this manual work on the factory presets, just remember to initialize after updating, and they should be fine. 

2.  We know about the diatonic/quadravox bug, this should be fixed in the upcoming release. 

3.  Besides the diatonic bug,  what other algorithms suffer from poor sound quality?  Can you be specific about what the problems are?