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      I updated my Pitchfactor from 2.3.0(2) to 3.0.0(19) today but ran into a bug. The diatonic efx don't plug the correct notes in. The quadravox efx sounded off too. Some of the other efx sounds appeared to be suffering from poor sound quality. I switched back to 2.3.0(2) and found that it was working correctly again. Has anyone else run into similar problems with V3 for the Pitchfactor?          I also downloaded the v3 for the time factor. That had problems with some parameters being off and causing shrieks or leading to no efx at all, but I was able to fix those by adjusting the parameters back to where they were suppose to be. Otherwise, the time factor sounds good. Are other folks having problems with the V3 for any of the stompboxes?

      Any help or fixes for the software will be greatly appreciated.


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      I just went through the same thing. My 'saved' presets wouldn't load…I kept getting "unknown presets can't load." Hence, I cannot get my V2 presets to load into V3 for the 'renaming' in the pedal fix posted elsewhere. I have gone back to 2.3.0[2] for now. Bummer, dude only wanted to be able to control output volume anyway. For now, V2 ties the room together does it not?

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      Eventide Staff


      Thanks for pointing these things out.  I have the following to say in response:

      1. With regard to your old (and old factory) presets not loading correctly in V3:  With all the new features we added, we had to potentially disrupt preset compatibilty b/t pre-V3 and V3.  It's possible that your old presets might work, but we couldn't be sure, so we included the following statement on the software update page:

      Software updates contain changes which may make some user presets sound different. After updating it may be necessary to adjust certain knob settings to compensate for these changes. 

      So you might have to manually restore some of your own sounds by using the knobs.  Of course, we've done all this manual work on the factory presets, just remember to initialize after updating, and they should be fine. 

      2.  We know about the diatonic/quadravox bug, this should be fixed in the upcoming release. 

      3.  Besides the diatonic bug,  what other algorithms suffer from poor sound quality?  Can you be specific about what the problems are? 



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      Besides the diatonic bug,  what other algorithms suffer from poor sound quality?

      I can't quite put my finger on the HarPeggiator differences over the past few builds.  Subjectively, I'm finding that the fuzz effects sound washed out, or tend to drop out.completely (on the individual fuzz "steps" in a given sequence).  In fact, all of the effects sequences seem less "pronounced" (for lack of a better word). 3.0.0[19] installed.

      Stereo setup in a series pedalboard configuration here, out to a rack mixer, and tested with a variety of sources.  But I haven't eliminated all of the potential contributing factors.  Apologies for the lack of of a reproducible recipe on this.  Generalization at its finest.

      Can you be specific about what the problems are?

      A HarPeggiator filter / sync problem.  I can only reproduce this with an external MIDI Clock [CLK IN: ON).  Setting Tempo: OFF or CLK IN: OFF does not result in the following behavior:

      HarPeggiator / Tempo: On / MIDI Clock In

      Wet: 100%

      Pitch Mix: A10:B10

      Pitch A: ArpA:OFF

      Pitch B: ArpB:OFF

      Delay A: GrvA:OFF

      Delay B: GrvB:OFF

      Depth: ATK:0

      Speed: 500 ms – 10 ms or Ln: 1/4 – 1/64 (see below*)

      Xnob: FXA: RnFl (or any filter effect / all sequence)

      Ynob: FXB: RnFl (or any filter effect / all sequence)

      *I assigned the Speed parameter to an expression pedal, at maximum range from slowest to fastest, but I can get the same results by rapidly sweeping the physical Speed knob.  Within a few full sweeps from minimum to maximum speed, the fliter sequences "stick".  That is, the rate will audibly remain at 1/64 (10 ms.?); no matter what the knob position or display indicate.

      A tap on the Play mode middle switch (RESTART) will bring the sequence rate back under control (by knob or expression pedal).  Tap the encoder switch (Tempo: Off), then tap it again (Tempo back to On), and the garbling filters take off once againat a rapid rate.

      I've tested this against several MIDI Clock sources, at varying BPM starting points.  I have tried changing the source's BPM by 10, 20 or more, then back again.  That won't bring the filter rate back under control.  Only a RESTART, or switching away from tempo control will resolve it.  I suppose it's possible that it's on the clock source end of the equation, but then why would an internal RESTART  trigger prove to be the workaround fix?

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           Here I'm is (again…).

          – Nah, like I said before, NONE of the presets would 'send' as they were "unknown" as seen from above via V.3.5.0[4].

          – Finally went ahead and updated to 3.5.0[4] and plan on going through the all thy tediousness of re-creating presets, hope the next update team learns from their update mistakes.


          + I've always loved the sound of Eventide and do appreciate having a stomp version that doesn't cost as much as a Jacuzzi OR a Vintage Plexi stack (with Greenbacks) but regarding your updates please make these painless, the updater is cool but the librarian still looks like 'dos'. Anyway, goodbye presets… Hello Eventide! LoL

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      I'm having this problem too.  Is there really not any solution other than recreating all of the presets entirely?  


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