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You know, out of all the stompboxes I thought the Pitchfactor would be the most purchased, especially since it can be used as a delay by setting both delay parameters in Diatonic to unison.  I'm shocked to hear almost if not EVERY response on this thread is for the Time Factor.  I requested over a year ago for Eventide to split this "Share you presets here" forum posting to specific Factor pedals.  I want to receive updates about sharing presets for my PitchFactor, but alas, i'm unsubscribing from this due to a severe lack of any conversation even remotely pertaining to any other pedal aside from the TimeFactor.  I now know more about the TimeFactor, it's benefits, its limitations than I do my Pitchfactor, which has been almost unusable to me since the V3 beta and final release twice completely hosed my presets and I can't get them back.  My Pitchfactor has become a glorified delay pedal, and expensive glorified delay pedal and i'm not even seeing patches being shared through this forum.  this is dishartening to say the least.