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A few initial impressions after installing the 3.5.0beta[3] version to my PitchFactor (from 3.0.0[19]:

    The installation went flawlessly.  I seem to have better luck with powering down first and substituting a USB connection; rather than running it through my somewhat complex MIDI routing.

    I didn't reinitialize the pedal, or take any special precautions to protect my custom presets (already backed up elsewhere).  A quick run-through of all the presets didn't reveal anything out of place.

    The MIDI clock performance really does seem improved.  A change of a half-dozen BPM ramps up very quickly to the newly transmitted BPM value.  Using a keyboard that's nominally transmitting in tenths of a BPM, the Pitchfactor response is *at least* accurate to +/- 0.5 BPM.

    The "washed-out filters" that I mentioned in the first section of this post seem to have improved dramatically.  The fuzz … not so much.  Since none of this was mentioned in the Release Notes, that has me doubting my own sanity.  Nothing has changed in my pedalboard/rack system, so I'll revert back to 3.0.0[19] at some point to A/B this aspect.

    Unfortunately, the runaway Speed / Restart scenario described in the second part of that post has remained in 3.5.0beta[3].  At first, I couldn't seem to reproduce that situation as reliably, but it resurfaced after a few attempts.  Once, it kicked into 'high gear' by simply switching from a Tempo Off-based preset to a (custom) Harpeggiator preset saved with Tempo On.

    I wasn't getting *any* response from external MIDI control … until I checked the RCV CH.   The PitchFactor is normally set to MIDI channel 2 in my system.  Is it possible that 3.5.0beta[3] resets / reverts to MIDI channel 1 (by accident or design)?