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I like a challenge.  I managed to dial in a decent Clavioline emulation in no time using the Synthonizer algorithm in the PitchFactor.  I did have some gentle compression in front of it, but the rest of it was all PitchFactor (of course, at 100% wet)

There's no square waveform, so I used sawtooth (or the organ) waveforms, toned down the harmonics with the lowpass filter, and blended in very little of the additive (A) synth.  I kept the Attack times short (but not instant), with no noticeable filter sweeps.  Reverb is built in; tweak it to retro-saturation.

The rest was technique.  The Synthonizer responds very well to 'in-fret' vibrato, so it's easy to glide between pitches in the melody, while maintaining that deep, exaggerated vibrato.  No need to pause for pushing / pulling the string.  A whammy bar also works well enough, as long as you can maintain an even, 'electronic' rate and depth throughout.