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Hey, eli nelson:

I've got to thank you for the unintentional inspiration.  Your post had me simmering on a solution, and an obvious component (using the H910/949's Chromatc, rather than Normal "rate") popped into mind.  Using an external Event Processor, I can now translate the MIDI note numbers 36-72 into 37 values of any CC#.  And those values snap to the 37 pitch ratios available in the PitchFactor (just like the original H949).

Surely this isn't the solution that you have in mind here, but I needed to work it out for myself, and for anyone else looking to take the PF a little further.

Because MIDI is a serial process, playing in chords will end up at a PitchFactor interval based on the last MIDI note received.  Mono synths prevent that, but they're not as common.  I'm working through an extended process where every other MIDI note will set the interval in the Pitch A or Pitch B alternately.  That way, two-or-more-note chords set the intervals in both pitch shifters.

Apologies for drifting even further from your thread's intent, but I can see huge possibilities with shifting the PF's intervals to match keyboard input in a sequence.  Thanks again for the "nudge".