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My suggestion:

Set the Behringer switch program change (one of 5 per-switch) to the same MIDI channel as your amplifier.  For example, FCB-1010 sending, & your amplifier receiving, on MIDI Channel 1.

Program your FCB-1010 expression pedals and set the TimeFactor to another MIDI Channel.  For example, the FCB-1010 pedals sending, and the TimeFactor receiving, on MIDI Channel 2.

Leave the TimeFactor OUTPUT = THRU.  While the CC messages will still pass through the 'Factor pedal, your amplifier won't "see" them.  The FCB-1010 MIDI Channel programming happens under Global Configuration.

I hope that I'm understanding your routing chain.  If you're using the TimeFactor as a master MIDI Clock, you may have to place it before the FCB-1010, and set the pedalboard to MIDI Merge option [Global Configuration – Config page].