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Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately my amplifier receives in OMNI. 
I've posed this question previously.  Since there have been two Timefactor system updates since the last time I asked and there are still a few functions I was unfamiliar with I thought maybe there would be a workaround by now.  So, I am assuming the MIDI XMT function doesn't transmit certain messages and filter others out?  I've reread the manual too many times and I'm still not getting a grasp of what the transmit function does, how it works and what it can affect.  The manual assumes a certain amount of prior knowledge with regards to midi functionality.  Unfortunately every manual I have pertaining to a piece of midi equipment assumes this basic knowledge.  I have been able to piece together what PC and CC are over time thanks to the internet and I understand the THRU function but XMT is somewhat elusive.