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+1 on this for sure!!! 
While I love a lot of the more impressive "special effects" algorithms the Space has to offer, the lion's share of the time I use it for an only-notice-it-when-it's-gone Hall reverb… which it's fabulous at BTW

I have to agree that it's *very* annoying that it reloads the same preset it's *already on* when given that MIDI command again. The majority of my "work horse" sounds use this one particular preset and I can't *not* have my MIDI controller fire that command on every change because of the times that I *do* use something like the Shimmer or what have you.  
Certainly, spillover helps a bit… and at least in my situation the effect I'm using is subtle enough that it's not quite as obvious. Still, it would be a huge improvement if it just knew to stay put when it's already in the right place.