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+1 on this for sure!!! 
While I love a lot of the more impressive "special effects" algorithms the Space has to offer, the lion's share of the time I use it for an only-notice-it-when-it's-gone Hall reverb… which it's fabulous at BTW

I have to agree that it's *very* annoying that it reloads the same preset it's *already on* when given that MIDI command again. The majority of my "work horse" sounds use this one particular preset and I can't *not* have my MIDI controller fire that command on every change because of the times that I *do* use something like the Shimmer or what have you.  
Certainly, spillover helps a bit… and at least in my situation the effect I'm using is subtle enough that it's not quite as obvious. Still, it would be a huge improvement if it just knew to stay put when it's already in the right place.

Thank you for supporting this idea! I'm really surprised there aren't more complaints about the program change behavior.