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Uh, I do have an Eclipse and I'm in need of multi head tape delays, too. But I'm lucky enough that I only need to replicate the early Mr. Gilmours' sounds (Binson Echorec II), who didn't use the multi head thing as extensively as Marvin did… 

I have figuered two approaches but need to test them when I have time… 

1. Using the TF TapeEcho (#817), followed by the mono looper at 0ms (only to make it mono). That way I think I can replicate the sound of two recording heads good enough, so I could cover those Gilmour stuff. 

2. Again using the TF TapeEcho (#817), this time followed by a digital multi delay. In this scenario I would use the TapeEcho to get the flavor only and not for the actual repeats. I would try to get all the repeats needed with that following multi delay, with only little additional modulation. 

I think the results, while not perfect, but could turn out way useful… 

When it comes to multi head tape delays, even the latest and most powerful delay pedals (Strymon TimeLine, Empress Vintage Modified Super Delay) just don't deliver… I can't believe how Strymon ditched that function when they cramped the ElCapistano into the TimeLine… 

It would be nice to have more influence on the panning of the TF presets or on the presets in general. Perhaps the [LEVEL] section of the programs would be a good place for additional panning aid with a future update..? 
[FXA MIX] [FXA LVL] [FXB MIX] [FXB LVL] > next page [FXA PAN] [FXB PAN] 
I'm not a specialist here, but that way the actual preset algorithms wouldn't need to be touched and it would be of INCREDIBLE help in many situations..?