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Yes, this is the right forum for TimeFactor and all Eventide Stompboxes.

By "Twin Delays" it means that there are two individual delays in every delay preset. These have individually adjustable Delay Times and Feedback.

You can use any standard 3-button Tip-Ring-Sleeve Aux Switch with TimeFactor. You can program the switches to do a variety of things, including Bank Up and Down, allowing the TimeFactor to stay in Play Mode.

Expression Pedal:

The Expression Pedal settings can be adjusted simply by pressing the Pedal to the full heel or full toe position and turning the Control Knobs. You’ll notice that whenever you move the Pedal, the Green LED next to currently active Effect blinks. This indicates that Pedal programming is “live.” To program, press the heel completely down and adjust the knobs to get the sound that you want for the heel down position. You must turn the knobs to create the assignment. Knobs that are not turned are not assigned. Now, press the toe completely down and change the settings of any or all of the knobs. Parameters associated with any knobs that are moved will be mapped to the Pedal. Now, when you rock the pedal back and forth, you’ll hear the sound change between the two settings.

The Expression Pedal settings are not saved automatically. If you want to be able to recall your Expression Pedal setting, you must perform the Preset Save operation.