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Guitar doesn't seem to matter, as the buzz is present with multiple instruments.  Usually test with my Strat though.  All effects are going into the amp – either a Matchless Chieftain or a Jackson Britain 3.0, or both in stereo.

The noise was not present before I added the Pitchfactor to the chain.

I am beginning to think it's some sort of issue between the PF, the volume pedal (a Mission VM-1), and the compressor.  When I move the volume pedal pre-compressor (guitar -> wah -> volume -> comp -> PF), the noise is not present.  When I move it after the compressor or the PF, the noise is there.  Again, I used to run it post-comp with no noise, so somehow adding the PF to the equation complicated things.

I have currently left the volume pre-comp to eliminate the noise, and don't mind doing so, but I am still a little curious to figure out what's causing it.