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      I am having a curious little problem with my Pitchfactor.  Here's my signal chain:

      Guitar -> Wah -> Strymon OB.1 Compressor -> Pitchfactor -> Empress Phaser -> Volume -> Delays and such

      With the PF in relay bypass, I get a clicking noise in the signal at all levels.  When I switch the Compressor on (thus buffering the signal), the noise goes away at full volume, but returns when the volume pedal is not fully down.  In other words, the noise occurs between toe and heel on the volume pedal, which is passive.  When I power off the PF or switch to buffered bypass, the noise goes away.

      All pedals are powered off of a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+, and the PF is on the stock supply.  I've tried the amp/guitar switches on the back in every position with no improvement.

      Oddly enough, if I switch on my Moog MuRF later in the chain, the noise goes away as well.

      Any clue where it's coming from/how to fix it?  Again, it's not there if the PF is not powered or not in the chain.

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      Could you provide more specifics about the kind of guitar and amp you're using? Also, are all these pedals going into the front of the amp?

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      Guitar doesn't seem to matter, as the buzz is present with multiple instruments.  Usually test with my Strat though.  All effects are going into the amp – either a Matchless Chieftain or a Jackson Britain 3.0, or both in stereo.

      The noise was not present before I added the Pitchfactor to the chain.

      I am beginning to think it's some sort of issue between the PF, the volume pedal (a Mission VM-1), and the compressor.  When I move the volume pedal pre-compressor (guitar -> wah -> volume -> comp -> PF), the noise is not present.  When I move it after the compressor or the PF, the noise is there.  Again, I used to run it post-comp with no noise, so somehow adding the PF to the equation complicated things.

      I have currently left the volume pre-comp to eliminate the noise, and don't mind doing so, but I am still a little curious to figure out what's causing it.

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